TNQ Drought Hub Hatch Program

Supporting local community members to turn your ideas into a business

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Do you have a big idea to make our farms more drought resilient?

What is the Hatch Program?

Supporting individuals and teams with agritech ideas to make TNQ farms and farmers more drought resilient. Have you been sitting on an idea that you want to explore further but are just unsure how to get it off the ground? The 6-week Hatch Program is everything you need to validate your idea with real end users and form a 3-month plan to progress.
Key Information

How it Works.

The program is structured over an intensive 6 weeks and is focused on validating your idea with potential customers. It will support you to test your ideas, build capabilities and confidence to develop a plan to take the next step in your journey as an entrepreneur.

The Hatch Program provides tailored resources and tools, 1:1 coaching and access to a network of producers and community.

What you will learn

Who Should apply?

The TNQ Drought Hub Hatch Program is for any individual or team (located anywhere in Australia) who has an agtech idea that helps to make TNQ farms and TNQ farmers more drought resilient.

You could be a:
•  TNQ Producer with an idea
•  Tech developer with an idea
•  Entrepreneur with an idea
•  Student with an idea
•  Researcher with an idea

These agtech ideas could be across a range of sectors relevant to the region such as sugar, beef, dairy, vegetable, citrus and tropical fruit and involve different types of technology including:

•  Hardware and Implements
•  Software ideas
•  Process or device type ideas
•  Service based ideas

Areas of application may include

•  Precision implements
•  Irrigation Management
•  Precision applications
•  Animal Monitoring
•  Farm Management
•  In field sensing and monitoring

What you get

Applications for the TNQ Drought Hub Hatch Program are open now!

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Application Timeline


I found the F2F program to be fantastic. I see it as my 101 into co-founding an agtech company. It taught me that you have to do your research if you want to stand a good chance of succeeding, and that good ideas are worth giving a go!

Scott Leslie- Sheep and Wheat Producer, NSW

The program has given me the resources and confidence to set out and take a few more steps in the direction of setting up my new idea. It was practical and relevant and the networks and contacts were invaluable. I loved it!

Georgina Baker- Beef Producer, NSW

It’s the best thing I could have done to progress with my business idea. I’m so grateful for all the skills I’ve been shown and you should give it a go with your idea.

Sophie Bradley, Broadacre Farmer, QLD

The F2F program has been an incredible experience, I have learnt so much in such a short time and have created a bond with fellow participants that we will share going into the future.

Sam Fryer, Beef Producer QLD


Applications are open now from the 7th of February and close on the 10th of April 2022.

We generally select between 10-12 participants.

Submit an application by pressing any of the Apply Now buttons on this page.

We will select a shortlist of participants during the selection process between the 11th – 18th April. If you are shortlisted we will be in touch with next steps directly. The finalists will be announced on the 18th of April 2022.

Week commencing the 25th of April 2022.

The program will be delivered fully remotely via online platforms

Yes- we are looking for individuals or teams who have an idea to make our farming operations more drought resilient. For example, your idea or concept could be a  technology solution that helps a specific industry or your own farming operation become more resilient to drought.

This program is designed to help you validate the potential of your idea and determine how far you want to take it. each participant will have different goals suchs as industry impact, getting closer to customers, building a big tech company or creating additional revenue streams- that’s ok! We will help you to get started and give you the tools you need to progress toward your goals.

Things you will learn:

  • How to operate using start up best practice
  • How to know if your idea is worth pursuing
  • What resources will be required to achieve your goals and how to attract them

You will receive expert coaching, weekly exercises, access to a national community of agrifood innovators.

The program is over 6 weeks and you will have regular group and 1:1 check ins. You will have access to regular masterclasses and other tools.

Approximately 3-5 hrs per week (including contact time)

For more information contact