Science to Practice forum showcases TNQ Hub drought innovation and education.

TNQ Drought Hub’s Professor Allan Dale, Doctor Jane Oorschot and Ms Kara Worth were invited to speak at the Science to Practice Forum and share their experience on innovative tools and practices that build peoples and communities capacity to prepare for future drought.

The event, hosted by the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry Future Drought Fund, brought hundreds of farmers, researchers, government, industry and communities together online for an interactive, educational and inspirational three days.

Professor Allan Dale spoke on the work his hub program (Sustainable Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Enterprise) is doing to provide support for Traditional Owners to realise their rights and interests in land and water. These activities are focused on building the resilience to drought through real engagement by standing beside and behind indigenous people, business, organisation and communities.

Doctor Jane Oorschot presented the work she is doing to build human capacity and improve profitability through engagement and outreach within Tropical North Queensland. Jane has delivered scholarship opportunities, produced educational videos and has partnered with organisations to pilot programs and events that are not normally run within the regions including governance, succession and school/industry tours.

Digital Agriculture Innovation Consultant Kara-Glenn Worth shared her work on understanding the right technology tool for the right job, where she has been developing an agtech readiness analysis that will empower producers to easily understand what agtech tools are available, if they are ready for them and where they are best applied.

The hub also showcased an innovative breath testing pregnancy tool for cattle that has been recently trialled at JCU’s Fletcherview Research Station. The purpose of the trial was to ensure the technology would suit the challenges of North Queensland cattle and conditions.

To view Allan and Jane’s presentations click here, to view Kara’s presentation click here and to watch the breath testing pregnancy tool video click here.