Graziers at Richmond Field Days and Races learn about soil microbial and carbon content

TNQ Drought Hub Knowledge Broker Rachel Hay, Regional Soils Coordinator Dhiraj Gajera and Coordinator Emily Harrington recently attended the Richmond Field Days and Races with Node partner and event Platinum Sponsor, Southern Gulf NRM.

Several graziers brought in samples of soils from across their properties to test the soil health and microbial status with Dhiraj who said the regions ‘overall soil health looks good’ and ‘good microbial content and carbon content indicates good scope for carbon credits’. The testing proved to be very popular with one grazier asking where she could purchase her own soil testing kit.

Southern Gulf NRM project officers spoke with attendees and land holders about current projects, funding and available resources for the area, including the WaterTight project that requires bores to be capped by 2027.

Congratulations to the organisers for such a great event.