Richmond Field Days and Races, 14-15 June, Richmond

Key takeaways

  • Increasing drought resilience by optimizing profitability and productivity through agtech
  • Local field days and agricultural shows are crucial for fostering community engagement
  • TNQ Drought Hub provided event support and presented to producers

This month, Northern Adoption Officer, Keerah Steele and Program Communications Manager, Emily Harrington joined the Southern Gulf NRM team at the Richmond Field Days and Races.

These types of local events, (including the Charters Towers Northern Beef Producers Expo which the hub also attended earlier in the month) provide valuable opportunities for engaging with the community, sharing information about upcoming initiatives, and discussing various projects in the region.

Keerah also attended Southern Gulf NRM’s two-day Breeder Management workshop on a cattle station north of Richmond. The workshop aimed to enhance producers’ knowledge of breeder herds, helping them make informed decisions about performance, productivity, and pasture management.

During the workshop, Keerah highlighted several agtech trial opportunities facilitated by the TNQ Drought Hub. These trials focus on increasing drought resilience by optimizing profitability and productivity.

By participating in events like the Richmond Field Days and the Breeder Management workshop, the team is able to connect with producers, share innovative solutions, and promote the adoption of proven agtech to build resilience against drought.

Breeder management workshop. Image: Southern Gulf NRM
Southern Gulf, TNQ Drought Hub and QDAF team members at Richmond Field Days and Races
L-R Southern Gulf NRM CEO Alison Larard, TNQ Drought Hub Adoption Officer Keerah Steele and Southern Gulf NRM Project Officer Lucy Gardner