Join the TNQ Hub and BlueWren Connections for an "Influential Women" Community Leadership Forum.

LEADERSHIP: is the ability to influence people to work willingly together to achieve a shared goal.

This “Influential Women” Community Leadership Forum is supported by the TNQ Hub as part of our commitment to building human capacity in regional Queensland.

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Forum outcomes

  • improved knowledge of self and others
  • improved ability to influence positive change in self, family, community, business and industry.
  • improved ability to work effectively with others.
  • greater confidence and courage for informed decision making,
  • balancing the role of a leader and stepping into leading roles in the future.


What to expect

  • Rural Focus
  • Active. Challenging. Fun.
  • Forum has been designed on adult learning principles.
  • Numbers capped at 20 participants


Cost – To confirm your attendance there is a $20 registration fee


  • Friday 28th, 12pm to 5.30pm
  • Saturday 29th, 8am to 5.30 and 1.5hrs in evening
  • Sunday 30th, 8am to 2pm


Where – Bedrock Village at Mt Surprise. Participants pay their own accommodation at $250.00 for the two nights at the Bedrock Village at Mount Surprise.

Please note, you must be a producer, farmer or agricultural service provider to attend this Forum. Register now.

“Influential Women” Community Leadership Forum, April 2023 Friday 28th at 12pm to Sunday 30th 2pm, Bedrock Village, Garnet Street, Mount Surprise QLD 4871