October AgTech Insights

Welcome back to AgTech Insights! We continue to explore the latest developments, news, and opportunities in agricultural technology to enhance the resilience of ag in TNQ.

Trends & Insights

Generative AI continues to evolve, offering more innovative potential within agriculture – for producers, extension officers and others involved in the sector. ChatGPT Plus now includes voice mode, vision features, and internet browsing capabilities, broadening its application in various tasks. Potential applications include identifying surviving weeds through images, helping with decision and management support through voice conversations, conducting in-depth risk assessments with custom prompts, and enhancing marketing strategies and content generation.

The potential for GenAI in agriculture is rapidly expanding across various domains. While the applications are promising and expanding, this technology is still relatively new and its full range of capabilities and implications are still being explored and understood. We are keen to learn about your experiences with Generative AI and how you’re using it to support your agricultural practices.

Your insights are valuable to us, so please feel free to reach out and share your stories.

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Carrie-Ann Wilson

Knowledge Adoption Officer

Podcasts and Webcasts

  • AgTechFinder Podcast: The latest episodes discuss livestock management and traceability technologies. 
  • AgTech So What Podcast: Ian Proudfoot from KPMG shares his big ideas on the future of food and agriculture. Discussions include generational mindset shifts, the role of generative AI in transparency and storytelling, and the importance of the ocean in food production. 
  • Webcast: A/g Deputy Secretary, Nicola Hinder PSM, hosted a panel at the UN FAO in Rome, focusing on emerging technologies for livestock methane mitigation, and the associated opportunities and challenges. 
  • Webinar: The Southern NSW Innovation Hub’s monthly series featured Professor David Pannell from the University of WA, discussing project design for agricultural practice change. 

Connectivity & Telecommunications

  • Regional Tech Hub: Offers independent advice and support for rural, regional and regional Australians to navigate the myriad of phone and internet options that are now available. Learn more about your connectivity options and improve your connectivity literacy.
  • Upcoming 3G Closures: Telcos are transitioning to newer mobile technologies, leading to the shutdown of 3G networks. Ensure your connectivity remains uninterrupted by planning your migration now.
    • Telstra closure date: From June 2024. Learn more 
    • Optus closure date: From September 2024. Learn more
    • Vodafone closure date: From December 2023. Learn more

Upcoming Events

  • EvokeAg 2024: Under the theme “Exceptional Edge”, explore questions such as “What is the role for agri-food tech innovation in feeding the world, climate change and resource management?”. Perth, 20-21 February 2024 
  • AgTech24: Mark your calendars for 13 and 14 November 2024, for the AgTech24 event hosted by the Central Highlands Development Corporation. 

We look forward to keeping you updated on AgTech advancements next month.