November AgTech Insights

Welcome back to AgTech Insights! We continue to explore the latest developments, news, and opportunities in agricultural technology to enhance the resilience of ag in TNQ.

Celebrating AgTech Month

Queensland’s AgTech Month highlighted significant opportunities and growth in Australian AgTech and innovation. An article from Owen Williams (Agtech and Logistics Hub) discussed advancements in robotics, AI, and traceability platforms, essential for agriculture’s efficiency, profitability, and sustainability. Read more.

More Human-Centric Solutions Needed For Better Tech Success

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Carrie-Ann Wilson

Knowledge Adoption Officer

Connectivity News

  • The On Farm Connectivity grants program offers rebates to primary producers to improve their digital connectivity and productivity. The program offers rebates of up to $30,000 to cover up to 50% of the cost of eligible digital farming technology, such as sensors, drones, robots, and 5G equipment. Producers can contact Regional Tech Hub for free and independent advice on connectivity options. Find out more.
  • A breakthrough in 5G technology has been achieved – with the first successful test of data transmission between a smartphone and a satellite in low Earth orbit. This technology offers significant potential for phone and internet access in remote locations – a space to watch as several companies are currently developing solutions.

Emerging Tech

  • The increasing use of robotics in agriculture highlights the need for effective data management in optimizing the benefits of farm automation. Read more
  • The ‘Agri-analytics Hub’ project, aimed at developing a decision support tool for farmers, reflects the growing role of data analytics in farming. Read more.
  • Ag Innovation Australia (AIA) is developing an environmental accounting platform for the agriculture, fisheries, and forestry sectors. Set for a 2024 launch, this platform aims to standardize carbon footprint calculations and integrates with existing farm management software. Read more.
  • Agritechnica in Hanover, Germany, showcased cutting-edge farm machinery, including fruit scanning and picking drones, automated soil test labs, and AI strategies for development.
  • An article by Sarah Nolet of Tenacious Ventures discusses the tipping point of autonomous agriculture, highlighting its increasing advancement, affordability, and accessibility. The article underscores the benefits of autonomous agriculture, and some of the re-thinking and opportunities of Autonomous Ag 2.0 “We shape technology, and then technology shapes us. Beyond simply automating the tasks that farmers do today, we also see tons of opportunities to develop innovative business models that capture more value.”. Read more.

Customisable GPTs

  • OpenAI has introduced customisable versions of ChatGPT, named GPTs – a step towards more personalised AI applications. These GPTs allow users to tailor ChatGPT for specific functions, integrating with various capabilities – and can be created by anyone, no coding required. Read more