Newsletter #27: June 2024

From the Director I recently attended a Native Foods and Botanicals Forum in Rockhampton. There was enthusiastic interaction between people

Newsletter #26: May 2024

May was a significant month for the hub and the overall sentiment is positive due to a number of things.

Newsletter #25: April 2024

It’s going to be an action packed week at Beef Australia next week in Rockhampton. Did you know that red-meat production from

Newsletter #24: March 2024

What’s your favourite treat to buy for Easter?? A firm favourite of mine is the Chocolate Easter Bilby (which I’m

Newsletter #23: February 2024

We were pleased to have supported seven primary producers and one PhD student to attend EvokeAg in February. The conference brought

Newsletter #22: January 2024

December 2023 and January 2024 have given us a stark reminder of the extremes of weather across Queensland. Whilst many

Newsletter #21: December 2023

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is just over a week away. It’s been an incredible 12 months and I

Newsletter #20: November 2023

Given the current conditions across Queensland at the moment, I thought it appropriate to open with Dorothea Mackellar’s words from

Newsletter #19: October 2023

It was fantastic to hear Senator Murray Watt’s announcement this week at the National Farmers Federation Conference around a 12-month

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