Tropical North Queensland Drought Resilience Adoption and Innovation Hub (TNQ Hub)

Led by James Cook University (JCU), the TNQ Hub is supporting farmers and communities to become more drought resilient.

Photo Credit: Cape York, NRM, Fitzroy Basin Association, Reef Catchments and Southern Gulf NRM

Building Resilience to Future Drought

Drought has significant impact on the wellbeing of people and communities across Tropical North Queensland.

Drought affects all industries but particularly Tropical North Queensland agriculture industries including beef, sugar, vegetable, dairy, citrus and tropical fruit.

The Australian Government is contributing $8 million over 4 years through the Future Drought Fund.  Hub partners are providing co-contributions of $18.5 million over 4 years.

Through the Hub, farmers, Indigenous landholders, communities, researchers and business have come together and co-designed approaches and solutions for drought resilience in Tropical North Queensland.

Industry Expert Series

The TNQ Hub is pleased to present our Industry Expert video series. This series will explore our expert’s career, their wealth of knowledge and their demonstrated ability to provide specialist advice that empowers land managers and industry to make future focused decisions. View our introductory videos below or learn more about the Building Human Capacity program.

Professor Roger Stone, Expert Meteorologist and Climatologist

“During the drought years we need to be prepared for the floods that follow, during the floods we need to be prepared for the droughts that follow”. 

Bob Shepherd, Extension Officer

“One of the main things I’ve put effort and time into, is encouraging beef producers to better manage their businesses and enterprises during drought.” 

Node Members

Supporting TNQ Drought Hub provide solutions for drought resilience in Tropical North Queensland.

Hub Contact

Rachel Hay

Knowledge Broker


The TNQ Hub is nearing commencement for a number of Projects relating to drought resilience. Please keep an eye on this space for Project updates and feel free to contact the TNQ Hub Knowledge Broker, Rachel Hay, if you would like any information regarding drought resilient projects and activities in the Tropical North Queensland region.

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