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Webinar: Innovations in cane growing and farm management

August 9, 2022 @ 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

The Great Barrier Reef Foundation, through the Reef Trust Partnership, is investing $10M in projects that are exploring new technologies and innovative methods for managing agricultural practices to improve water quality and achieve the targets of the Reef 2050 Long-Term Sustainability Plan. Many of these projects have begun to show results that will have a real impact on the way we do things. To learn more, please visit our website.

Dissolved inorganic nitrogen is one of five priority pollutants targeted in the Reef 2050 Water Quality Improvement Plan. The projects being presented in this webinar all hold potential for helping reduce the amount of dissolved inorganic nitrogen that flows from Great Barrier Reef catchments.

Please join us for a 1.5-hour webinar consisting of four presentations from our partners discussing their innovation projects, including the outcomes and the impact they will have for landholders, the community and water quality.

The format for this webinar will include a brief welcome and introduction from the GBRF water quality team, followed by four 10 to 12-minute presentations. Click here to register for this webinar and please feel free to send this link to anyone you think may be interested.

The following projects will be presented:

1. Using precise robotic weed control to reduce herbicide usage on sugar cane farms. Mostafa Rahimiazghadi (James Cook University) and Alex Olsen (AutoWeed).

2. A rapid assessment visualisation tool for incentivising irrigation stewardship for Burdekin Canegrowers. Brian Collins (James Cook University).

  1. Identifying where enhanced efficiency fertilisers can provide agronomic and economic benefits to cane farmers by quantifying and modelling in-field nitrogen loss reductions. Julian Connellan (Sugar Research Australia), Matt Thompson (Department of Agriculture and Fisheries) and Tony Webster (CSIRO).

4. Building innovative equipment to allow incorporation of multi-species crops into sugarcane monocultures. Che Trendell (Farmacist).


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