ESG on Farm: Are you ready?

The TNQ Hub is developing educational materials to help support Australian producers, farmers and land managers understand the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) framework and integrate an analysis into their farming business, aiming to enhance sustainability performance and facilitate a transition to a more sustainable food production system.

What is ESG?

ESG is a framework that can help producers to address sustainability issues, enhance sustainability performance, increase resilience, reduce risks and create opportunities. ESG stands for:

  • Environmental

    These are factors related to the way you manage renewable and non-renewable resources such as water, soil, biodiversity, minerals, and animal treatment.

  • Social

    These are factors related to the way you interact with your family, employees, communities, consumers, supply chain and business relationships.

  • Governance

    These are factors related to your business such as leadership, management, systems, processes, products and controls.

Help us improve agricultural sustainability

We want to know what you know about ESG. Have you heard of the term before? Do you already incorporate the framework into your business practices?

Please complete this 2 minute survey to help us understand what you know, so we can continue developing face-to-face and online educational materials with the aim of building sustainability in your agricultural business. 

Why should I care about ESG?

What is an ESG Analysis?