Enhancing People Management Skills with Dr Jane Oorschot and Australian Women in Agriculture

59 participants from across Queensland took place in a transformative online People Management Series run by Building Human Capacity Program Lead, Dr Jane Oorschot. The series with ran from June to early September delved into the critical facets of managing personnel, offering invaluable insights to participants.

Feedback from the series has been overwhelmingly positive, with one participant expressing gratitude for the insightful leadership meetings and AWIA President Natalie Sommerville commenting on how much she had enjoyed the series.

Jane shared her practical insights, emphasizing points of difference within organisations, retention drivers, career development, and flexible work options. The series aimed to enriched participants’ people management skills but also paved the way for more effective and engaged workplaces, ultimately contributing to the success of organizations in a rapidly evolving professional landscape.

The first session focused on Induction and Orientation and its vital process where new employees are introduced to their roles and the workplace, laying the foundation for a fruitful relationship between the organization and the employee. One noteworthy suggestion in this session was the assignment of a buddy system to provide informal support to new employees, complementing formal practices and fostering a welcoming environment.

Performance Management was the focus of the second session. It’s all about creating an environment where individuals can unleash their potential and deliver top-quality work. The importance of ongoing conversations, regular performance feedback, and employees taking an active role in tracking their performance readiness for discussions were prominent takeaways.

The third session placed emphasis on Employee Engagement, highlighting the crucial role of leaders in fostering engagement. Clear goals, defined expectations, alignment with organizational values and purpose, and recognition of high performance emerged as pivotal factors. An open-door leadership approach that values employee feedback promotes a two-way working relationship.

The final session culminated with a deep dive into Workforce Planning and Succession Management. Effective planning is intrinsically linked to business success, and innovative attraction practices were a hot topic among participants.

If you would like a copy of Jane’s People Management Series presentation, please contact Jane on jane.oorschot1@jcu.edu.au or 0481 158 989