Coral AI model wins second Northern Australian Indigenous Datathon

The second instalment of the Northern Australian Indigenous Datathon was held at James Cook University in Cairns from October 21-23. This years Datathon had over 60 participants working on problems Traditional Owners and Rangers groups are experiencing on managing their country.
The winning team of this years Datathon will work with Gidargil Rangers on making an AI model to identify coral species. They are currently manaully labeling each photo to automate this process.
The datathon brings together a diverse group of data professionals, indigenous communities and students with the purpose of sharing and educating participants on Indigenous communities and digital technologies. The data-driven solutions developed over the event will help solve real-world indigenous community challenge in Northern Australia. 
The TNQ Drought Hub is proud to sponsor the Datathon through our Innovation and Commercialisation Program lead by Brook Orr and supported by our Indigenous Entrepreneur in Residence, Darryl Lyons.
Congratulations to all and we look forward to being involved again next year!