Congratulations to our final cohort of Hone and Harvest teams

Congratulations to our final cohort of Hone and Harvest teams who have graduated from our business accelerator program in partnership with Farmers2Founders. Over the last 12 months, we’ve been looking for agtech ideas to help make a positive impact for the agricultural industry within TNQ and beyond.

Our most recent round of teams have challenged their thinking, developed their confidence and learnt skills to help grow their ideas and businesses. Though the hub’s network of producers, industry and government, we will help them continue their commercialisation journey through trials, funding opportunities and by linking them with important stakeholders .

These teams are working on everything from low-tech innovations that pump water runoff to rehabilitate landscapes and turning fruit and vegetable waste into biproducts for the animal feed industry, through to a quality assurance compliance service to help keep up to date with industry standards.

Congratulations to the Harvest teams, Four Daughters and Spades and the Hone teams, Ocean Orchards, PSKL, Aqua Perception, Hillbillie Hogs, Nutriq, Custom Enzymes, GPS Trapping and Biochar.

Agricultural Innovation Program Lead Nicole Lucas and the recent cohort of Hone teams