Climate and extension experts share their knowledge and reflections in new Industry Experts video series

The TNQ Hub is delighted to confirm that our Industry Expert Video Series developed by the Building Human Capacity Program has just launched and videos will be released weekly over the coming months. Watch the videos now.

The videos provide practical tips for producers, NRM’s and agricultural support services and can also be utilised at industry forums and for educational purposes. The two industry experts are Bob Shepherd, Extension Expert Agricultural Sector and Professor Roger Stone Expert Meteorologist and Climatologist.

During the discussions with Bob, he reflected upon his commencement in the Agricultural Sector and the study and career opportunities that were available to him. Bob talked about his 30 years in beef extension and the challenges and opportunities presented to landholders. Bob was a key contributor in on-the-job training activities across north and north west Queensland for numerous early career professionals.  Bob also placed emphasis upon maintaining his own technical knowledge by attending Australian and international conferences. Bob indicated that mentoring is important aspect in extension as well as working closely with landholders and understanding their environment.

During the discussions held with Roger he talked about the preparedness of farmers for weather and climate extremes and how weather patterns have changed and will continue to change. Roger highlighted the implications of the whole supply chain because of these changes. Roger reflected upon how his career commenced by using the analogy that both flying and farming have a lot in common when it comes to making crucial decisions based on the weather. From an aviation meteorologist Roger undertook further study to understand complex climate implications for the agriculture and water resources globally. 

Watch our Industry Expert Videos Series or learn more about the Building Human Capacity Program.