'Building a Better Business' Program for resilient Biloela and Emerald Entrepreneurs.

In collaboration, the TNQ Drought Hub, TAFE Queensland Small Business Solutions and hub Node partner Fitzroy Basin Association, successfully rolled out the ‘Building a Better Business’ Program last month.

This initiative aimed to empower small businesses and enhance enterprise skills within the agricultural sector, with a particular focus on upskilling local entrepreneurs around Biloela and Emerald.

Recognising the challenges faced by participants in the past, TNQ Drought Hub Building Human Capacity Program Lead, Dr Jane Oorschot highlighted the historical limitation of this particular training opportunity being only available in Brisbane, requiring participants to travel.

“To combat this, we worked with our key partners to develop an online program for these communities to give them the opportunity to increase their knowledge in the building of a business or exploring opportunities for diversification. Which in turn, builds their business and communities resilience,” said Dr Oorschot.

The virtual program had 13 participants including local producers, plumbers, and authors who each graduated with Certificate IV in Entrepreneurship and New Business. This certification equips them with essential skills to navigate the evolving landscape of small businesses, fostering innovation and adaptability.

The Building a Better Business Biloela and Emerald participants
Building and Better Business mentor, Ramona Bullard